We have a large range of Jumping Castles for hire and are sure to have the right one for your party. Delivery of Jumping Castles are available throughout Melbourne for our entire range.

Jumping Castle Hire Questions

Q. What size jumping castle do I need to hire and what area is required for the setup?

A. That will depend on the ages of the children using it. The ages permitted and size of the area you need for a jumping castle is shown with each picture on this website.

Q. What does a jumping castle cost to hire?

A. It depends on the size and time required. Most parties go for around 5 hrs.  The most frequent times are 11am-4pm or 12pm-5pm. You can call to discuss a time that suits your party.

Q. What is included in the price of the jumping castle?

A. Castle, mat, delivery, setup, pickup and most of all, friendly staff.  We will set you up in no time at all.  Approx 15-20min, pickups will take a little longer as a clean down of the jumping castle is required.

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?

A. Yes, we call it a booking fee. How much depends on the jumping castle that you select.

Q. How do I keep the jumping castle clean?

A. You are given a list of safety guidelines when hiring. No food, drink, shoes, sand, party merchandise, water etc. These are to be kept right away from the castle and there should be no problems.

Q. Do we supply the power to the jumping castle?

A. Yes you do. We can plug into an outdoor power outlet or plug into one inside. We will provide the extension cord if needed.

Q. Does the driveway need to be clear on setup and pickup of the jumping castle?

A. It would certainly make it easier and quicker for setup and pickup if the driveway is clear. We would appreciate it.